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Best Mykonos Beaches

We decided to describe to you some of the best beaches on this beautiful island. If you are with children, or decide to go there with your friends, and have a time of your life, here you’ll find full described most popular beaches, the ones that your children won’t be glad to see, or the ones that are family friendly, so from the start, you’ll know where to go, and what are the beaches you shoul’d avoid for any of your reasons.

On many of them you’ll find some place for refreshment, but we will describe some of those so secluded, that even if you try to get there by car, you’ll need to walk to get to them. So enjoy searching for your favorite one. This is such a beautiful island, that you’ll wish your day’s off will last longer.
We will start the journey with the most popular ones, and go down the list with wilder.

Paradise Beach

This is one of the most Famous Beaches in whole Mykonos. It started as a camping site for all the people who wanted their part of the paradise. Back in the day, you could only spread the word about this place ear by ear, yet somehow every year number of people who went there was increasing. This was back in the 1960. During the years , this beach became the synonym for the best parties, gathering best DJ’s from all over the world, and the place for young people to have as much fun as possible. There are a lot of restaurants near by, and you can spend the whole day on the beach, but when the sun starts to vanish into the sea, party is about to get started. If you are coming here for fun, this is just a place for you.

Super Paradise Beach

As they say themselves, this is the beach ‘Where Best things happen’, no one is judging you, there is no sin  and other signs which can tell you that this place is also for those who came here to party, not ti judge and not to be judged, so if you are shy, you may come and see what is all the fuss about, but if you don’t want to see certain things, this place is definitely not your best choice. Before night comes creeping behind you, and you see all the young people, and those who feel alike, if you don’t like shot’s, loud music, large mass of people jumping around and waiting to be on the spot, this is your ‘Q’ to be on your marry way. Sure, you’ll see young people fooling around, and that is their way of having fun, but, if it’s not ‘your cup of tea’ , you should be on your way as soon as you can.

Psarou Beach

This beach is one that we can describe as a ‘ Family Friendly Beach’, because, you can relax on the bed, and it’s mostly for two or more people. Clear water, and and sand all around is great, but everyone said that the prices for the place on this beach is too much. Because it’s a small beach, it can be crowded and pretty loud, but families with kids are already used to it, and the rest chose to be here, so this one is for families mostly. If in pursuit for Sun&Fun, you are heading for the wrong beach.
Being that small, they had to raise the prices, so there would be place for everyone, that being said, every one of you will find a great beach on this island that will cost you less, and give you more space for your pleasures.

Ornos Beach

This beach is situated 2,5 km from the center of the town, at first, local fisherman were fishing on this place. As time passed, most of them realized that the best way to go trough the winter is to work along with the community, and sell everything that can be bought, at the season, so they made it into a beach, which have fine sand, but these days, it became overcrowded, much because every year, on Mykonos are more and more people who want’s to find out what is so special about this place. Now days, on this beach you can learn how to dive, and besides that, you can see all the little creatures that live under the sea, and all of that a hand away from you. Besides that, here you can learn sea-skiing, or just lay there, in the crowd, waiting to get rested.

Agia Anna Beach

If you came here to rest, not to be bothered, if your body do not need support of the chair, or bed, and you just want some piece and quiet, you came to the right place. On Mykonos, you can’t expect nothing to be secluded, but this one, even though is near a crowded beach, is just a fine sand, blue skies, turquoise water, a book and your water along with towel, and we can say that you are all set for the day on this beach. From this beach you can see the whole town above you, and all that is full with people, far, far, away from you and your solitude. Also, one of convenient is the road that leads to it, it’s good, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Agrari Beach

Many people will say, that if you came here to swim, and catch a bit more sun, without having to step on other people to have your spot under the sun, this right place for you. Although its not fine sand, and you’ll step on a pebble or two, but it will be worth it because this is the place where you’ll spend most of your time in the clear water, under the sun wit not much shade, we may add, because, this is the place where two other famous beaches collide, and in between is this one, where people go to have as much fun as possible, in the water. Narrow road will lead you dovn till you get to it, and if you’re not fan of walking around the whole day, we

Panormos Beach

This is one beach so secluded, that it’s settled on the north side of the island. If you plan to go there, you should have your own mean of transportation, and everything you need for the whole day. Of course that the local bus goes beside, but still you’ll have a good part to walk. You can also get there by your own vehicle, or if you have a boat or something similar, and in need to be alone even for just one day, this would be the right place for you. Here, you won’t hear any noise, or music, nor will you smell all the goodies that are sold on the island, this is the place, where you go to be with your thoughts, and to relax to the fullest.

Kalo Livadi Beach

Although pretty famous, this is also one of the quiet beaches, you can have their bed, but having in mind that this is also one of the larger beaches, you’ll find place for you either way…no need to rent anything, their policy wold be, that sun and the sea are free, and they act accordingly. if there is a place for your towel, you can stay here as much as you want. One of the rarest where you don’t need to buy anything, to be able to get enough sun as you need, and spend your holiday just the way you planned to.

Lia Beach

We have already mentioned earlier that whole of Mykonos island is Gay and LGBT friendly place, so even is it’s the end of a season, you’ll find some of them there, so if with a family, and don’t really need or want to explain anything to your kids, you should avoid this place, however, you shouldn’t exclude this place in general, because it’s a lovely beach, with no one forcing you to have a bed to lay, or a parasol, you can just lay on your towel and you shiny day can start. This is the furthest beach in the island, 13 km away from the center of the Mykonos town, but the buses go there often, but have in mind that a  taxi cab is rather cheep on the isle, so let your feeling for the day lead you to this beautiful place.

Agios Sostis Beach

This beach is for those with adventurous spirit, strength, and are not afraid of a lot of sun. If you are up for longer walk, and no shade near in sight, bring your basics with you, because all around you will be sand. Water for sure, coffee maybe, and if there just for catching a bit more sun than other, bring something to eat, too. If you want to eat at some place there is a lovely little place called Kiki’s Tavern. This amazing place don’t even have electricity, and everything there is made in coal pit, or being grilled. Get a great bronze color, far away from loud , noisy world, eat healthy, and enjoy your stay at this beach. Kiki’s tavern proud themselves by doing everything without electricity, try and find out what world would be like if you have ‘only’ sun&fun to enjoy this blissfulness on Earth.

Elia Beach

Here we have two beaches gathered together to form a large sandy beach. Clean as one can be, having in mind that it’s one of the largest on the island. A little boat, like a taxi on water gets here as a last stop on his way around the island. Even though this is a nudist beach, unlike many other beaches, you’ll find piece and quiet, everything is always arranged to your convenience, and if not, someone is always there to help you with what ever you may need. Along the whole beach you have a lot of places where you can refresh, have a decent meal, join one of the water sports, or learn how to parasail or even windsurfing. This place have it all that one decent beach should have, and to top it all, there will always be a place for you, no matter the time you chose to go there. If you’r having a hangover from the night before, this is just a place for you.

Skopelos Beach

Here we have to tell you first and the most important thing about this beach, it is on another island, and although you can get there by plane, you can not wander around where ever you want, because little boat that don’t reaches this island. You can have alternative ways of getting there, but I think that it would be too much, spending your precious free days in travel. This island is great for couples, who need every minute of their free time to spend with each other. You will get more sleep than you ever did, as well as piece and quiet, and it will be holiday to remember. If you chose this island, don’t waste your time trying to find old ruins, if you are on holiday, you should spend it the best way you can, and that is, laying on the fine sand, looking and swimming in the clearest water you have ever seen!

Paraga Beach

Although this beach got its name which literally means ‘a poor house’ , this is one of the more famous places to be when on Mykonos. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Paradise beach, and the culture of coming to this place is as old as 1970. Hippies used to come here gladly because of the low prices and good parties. As the time passed by, this beach become real place to be. During the day, this is quite family oriented beach, and you can bring your children with you, and spend great time on fine sandy beach, and the clearest blue water you’ll ever see.
But, when the night comes, this is one of the places with the best parties you’ll ever see, and if you are going to Mykonos to have long parties, you wont be disappointed you chose Paraga Beach.

Platis Gialos Beach

This one is family beach and a long one, too. The sand on the beach is not that fine, so it won’t stuck for everything on you, but its not large pebbles either. Being that long, you’ll find everything you need on this beach, from drinks to great meals, or the ones to go, if you prefer being near water most of the day. Also, from this beach goes a taxi boat which will drive you to the other beaches the shortest way, although you can use the bus, or taxi which is also cheep. The only thing you’ll not gonna find here is the way to get your money, if you didn’t brought enough with you, you’ll need a good walk to the nearest bank, or ATM.
Here you can rent a jet ski or go water skiing, what ever kind of fun is your choice, you can do it here, and on a large scale, because, you’r not limited with anything when coming to a beach that is so long.

Psarrou Beach

This beach is quite strictly family oriented, and pretty pricey. During this long sandy beach all around you are shallow waters, so families with small kids are very welcome. However, if you decide to stay here, ask in advance how much will bed cost you for a whole day, then decide, if you are willing to pay something that maybe more than a decent meal, while on the beach. Having in mind that this whole island is all about the partying, this is the rare beach where you must wear your undies to get in. Also worth mentioning is that this place is behind the highs of the island, where you will be protected from the strong winds that are usual around here. That however have one advantage more: strong winds make larger boats and yachts to be on settled on a place like this, so you’ll be amazed with the latest beauties when it comes to fine crafted boats.  That’s why it’s so pricey, and the selection of the guest of this beach is strict, so you are basically paying for family time on this place. In the vicinity of the beach are several shops and diners, so if you got there from afar, you won’t be needing anything until the sun sets.

Kalafatis Beach

If you decide to go to this beach, you’ll find yourself stunned with the low prices, great sandy beach, which stretches a bit longer than your usual beach. Here, like time had stopped, when you get to this beach, you’ll be amazed that nothing on it look’s even remotely on Mykonos. So, if you are full with noise, and want to be with your thoughts, you picked the right place. It would seem that everywhere you look  you can find a great place to rest. If known for something particular, this beach will offer you Jet Ski, Banana, Water Ski, Extreme Tubes, and wakeboard. Like Paradise beach, this is one of the first discovered and quickly established beaches on the island, with lot villa’s surrounding it. Even though a bit rough around the edges, you’ll have the time of your life on this beach. Enjoy!

Agios Stefanos Beach

Here we have another family oriented beach, which got its name after a little Church that’s stands above this beach, with a red top on it. Water is shallow so it’s suitable for families with small children. Even though it’s a smaller beach on the island, it has everything you’ll need for the day on any beach. In the case you forgot something, there is a small market right there on the beach, and several taverna’s that you can eat properly, and not to waste your time going back to your place and get back. We can also add that on this beach you can find Villa’s with private pools with regular water, that you can enter upon payment. So if you are full of salty water, for a handsome sum of money you can have sweet water overlooking the Aegean sea.

Ftelia Beach

This beach is settled on the north side of the island, and strong winds that are making big waves the biggest in Mykonos. For that particular reason this beach is most famous between windsurfers. The road that leads to it is partly covered with asphalt, but to get to the beach, you’ll have to walk a bit, because it’s not suitable for any kind of transportation. There are not many people, even though is near other crowded beaches, and it’s near Chora, so you can walk into this beach from the others that surround this one. It may become more popular, it’s like that with all the other beaches on the island, but for now this beach is pretty quiet, and close to everything that is needed for a day on the beach. But as for the wind surfers go, this part of the island is always windy, and if you go there, keep on mind that they will be there is you want to join them.

Fokos Beach

First thing that is to know about this beach is that for nudist and most of them are right there on this beach. It’s a great long beach with fine sand, and even though it doesn’t have all of the commodities like you have on the other beaches, this one is free for all. There are no umbrellas to shield you from the sun, or even sun beds, but it’s awesome because it’s one of the rare left that you don’t need to pay for anything that is free. Along the beach you’ll find some shops, and one taverna, but except for it, this is one peaceful place, and one that guarantee that you’ll have the nicest bronze color on your skin, if you decide to be the guest of this beach all days you have to spend on this paradise on earth.

Glyfadi Beach

Being on the other island, that’s part of Mykonos, you can get there only by boat, which if you don’t have, you can use a taxi boat, which will leave you there, and pick you up only per request. If you want real solitude, this is the place where you should stay. What can you need except from the water and few basic stuff to survive here. No noise, no loud music, nothing to disrupt your pleasant vacation. In fact, it’s much more possible that you wont see a live soul while on the island. If you really want to be cut from the outside world, this is the right place for you.

Divounia Beach

This beach is 12 km away from Mykonops Town, and known as a fisherman’s paradise. Being said that, it’s settled south-east on the map, so there are no wind’s here, sand is fine and soft and except from the few pebbles, it’s a perfect beach. It’s family friendly, but beware if your traveling with small children, because, here you’ll find only deep blue water. One thing that will put this place on the map, if you couldn’t find it, will be the prehistoric remains that are found there, but don’t be worry about it, if the digging is on the beach, they won’t mind you. Besides, being the fisherman’s place for catch of the day, right there on the beach, you can be served with breakfast, which will include the best catches of the day you get there.

Tsagari Beach

Labeled as the one of the most secretive beaches on the island. If you want to be alone, and not be disturbed by anything, you’ll have to walk a bit, even though you can get near with your car, but one section of the road is just for those who are not bothered with a walking as they are with bunch of people. This part of the island is devoted for the farmers who make organic food for the whole island, and when you need to have healthy food, have in mind that it came form a place like this one. Tough to approach, a bit hidden, and still have it’s charms. You’ll find it with ease, and have a great peaceful day at this beach, with no noise, i fact nothing to get you bothered. This is the day you’ll remember, after resting here from the near but loud crowd on this island.

Agios Ioannis Beach

This beach is one of the smaller beaches on Mykonos, but on this beach sand is so fine, and the view in front of you when on the beach, looks straight on the island of Delos. If you had too much of anything the night before, you should get here where you can calm your senses, and quiet down the rest of the world. In the end, no one can party every single day and night without the need for a bit of rest. When that day comes on your holiday for remembering, go there, gather your thought’s, and after a day of indulging yourself, tomorrow you can get back to partying.
Here you can rest your mind, body and soul, and continue with your activities, as you were before that.

Korfos Beach

Here we have another windy beach, and this one is not that suitable for swimming at all. At the best day, when the wind is strongest, you’ll find a lot of surfers here, because, it’s well known that on this beach, wind makes the largest waves. So, if you are fan of swimming or being in water the whole day, this beach will be the wrong one. At the least, it have pebbles so it’s not that comfortable for just having some sun, but on a calm day, if you are not for swimming, you can rest here, and have a beautiful day just watching the greenest water you’ll ever see.
However, don’t hold your breath for a day without wind, because, here you have always wind, and renting equipment, so you bring along your courage, your hedonism, your deepest desires, along with your passion, and get on the wildest ride of your life, where nature will turn you into the beast, catching every breath. For all windsurfers – you are more than welcome here!

Agios Lazaros Beach

We can say with certainty that this beach is meant for those who stay in villa’s behind this beach. Even though luxury will be right behind you, on this small beach you can get rested properly, and which every way you go, when touring around Mykonos, you’ll be sure to find this beauty beside the road. Firstly it was a place only for guests of the villa’s behind there, but once you get to know people around, you’ll be on the other beach as soon as you can. Place to rest, without crowd behind, or loud noises, if you choose to stay at this beach full time, you’ll be rested for the whole next year.

Megali Ammos Beach

This beach is settled on the end of Mykonos town, and it’s family oriented. Many people don’t go to this beach because of the strong winds that are strongest on this beach, and somehow it doesn’t  exclude anyone. No matter the age, or everything else that happens near this beach you either won’t hear it because of the winds earlier mentioned, or simply because the everything is so near, but so far from this beach, that you can enjoy every minute spent there, just because you get to eat near, the main road that leads straight to Mykonos starts there, and if you decide to switch to music, the first several places that are the nearest to the beach, where you can have the time of your life.

Houlakia Beach

This one is one of the longest beaches on the island. It is covered with large pebbles and for the same reason it’s not that good for spending the whole day here. Also, this is Naturally Protected beach, and if you already set your mind to go there to spend the day keep in mind few things such as that there is a small part with fine sand, but as the elders recommend, do not swim far from your towel, you can also park your vehicle up on the side, but the main thing that this beach stayed the same for this many years is the sunset that is best watched from this beach, and lot of people come here just to be with their significant other, to enjoy the view. If you haven’t found it already, this is the best sunset around the globe, and a view to be remembered for ever.

Kapari Beach

Once, this was a small nudist beach, not that far from anything, in the area where wind is not that strong. Having in mind that small beach, and adding to it its natural fine sand, and shallow, which made this place suitable for families with small kids. Keep in mind that everything connected to this beach is almost everything you need to stay at the beach the whole day, but you have to be prepared that some nudist who were on this beach long ago, will come here, rather than walk miles to other secluded beach in the area. So if you’r not used to be around naked people, you should choose another beach to go and get some other crowd. Having in mind that this island became one of the synonyms for parties, you should always keep in mind that here are lot of young, and vibrating people who came here to have a tons of fun, so if you have an issue with that, we sincerely recommend another place in Greece to spend your free days.

Mirsini Beach

This is one of the most secret beach on the whole island. There are no open or paved roads that lead to this beach, but somehow, the one who want seclusion, you will make the effort, because, when you finally get there, you will found out why it was worth your trip. Dirt road, where some kind of vehicle can come near, but the rest of the dirt road you will have to walk down to get to it. It’s so secluded that you need to bring everything you can be in need for a whole day, water, food, and something to lay on. We almost didn’t found the map that will lead to it, but we did, just so you can have a great choice when looking for something this rare. These years it become a bit more popular, about still most days, you won’t find a soul there. No one is willing to go trough the day without electricity, Wi-Fi, or other commodities that this world made us dependent on. You’ll be happy if you have even cell range so far from modern world.

Tigani Beach

This beach we left for the end because, you barely can find it on any map, there are no hidden roads that lead to it, but even though it has fine sand, and it’s partly shallow water, the only difference it’s that this beach is so far away from town, there are no commodities, and it for true adventurists who don’t care abut how far away is some place, but what lay hidden beneath it.  There are no near market or a place to have a decent meal, if you want ti spend time on this beach, you’ll have to bring everything along with you. Certainly, we must mention that even though this place is empty most of the time, if someone do come here, it will be by boat or a yacht, having their own grill party on land. That would be the only treat to your loneliness, if you chose to hide from everything even for just one day.

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