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Paraga Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

Although this beach got its name which literally means ‘a poor house’, this is one of the more famous places to be when on Mykonos. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Paradise beach, and the culture of coming to this place is as old as 1970.

Hippies used to come here gladly because of the low prices and good parties. As time passed by, this beach become a real place to be. During the day, this is quite a family oriented beach, and you can bring your children with you and spend a great time on a fine sandy beach, and the clearest blue water you’ll ever see.

But, when the night comes, this is one of the places with the best parties you’ll ever see, and if you are going to Mykonos to have long parties, you won’t be disappointed you chose Paraga Beach.

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