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Platis Gialos – A Mykonos Adventure

This one is a family beach and a long one, too. The sand on the beach is not that fine, so it won’t get stuck to everything on you, but it’s not large pebbles either.

Being that long, you’ll find everything you need on this beach, from drinks to great meals, or the ones to go, if you prefer being near water most of the day.

Also, from this beach goes a taxi boat which will drive you to the other beaches in the shortest way, although you can use the bus, or taxi which is also cheap.

The only thing you’ll not gonna find here is the way to get your money, if you didn’t bring enough with you, you’ll need a good walk to the nearest bank or ATM.

Here you can rent a jet ski or go water skiing, whatever kind of fun is your choice, you can do it here, and on a large scale, because, you’re not limited with anything when coming to a beach that is so long.

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