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Tsagari Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

Labeled as one of the most secretive beaches on the island. If you want to be alone, and not be disturbed by anything, you’ll have to walk a bit, even though you can get near with your car, but one section of the road is just for those who are not bothered with a walking as they are with a bunch of people.

This part of the island is devoted for the farmers who make organic food for the whole island, and when you need to have healthy food, have in mind that it came to form a place like this one.

Tough to approach, a bit hidden, and still have its charms. You’ll find it with ease, and have a great peaceful day at this beach, with no noise, in fact nothing to get you bothered.

This is the day you’ll remember, after resting here from the near but loud crowd on this island.

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