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Divounia Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This beach is 12 km away from Mykonos Town and known as a fisherman’s paradise. Being said that, it’s settled south-east on the map, so there is no wind’s here. The sand is fine and soft and except for a few pebbles, it’s a perfect beach.

It’s family-friendly, but beware if your traveling with small children, because, here you’ll find only deep blue water. One thing that will put this place on the map, if you couldn’t find it, will be the prehistoric remains that are found there but don’t be worry about it, if the digging is on the beach, they won’t mind you.

Besides, being the fisherman’s place for the catch of the day, right there on the beach, you can be served with breakfast, which will include the best catches of the day you get there.

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