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Psarou Beach – A Mykonos Adventure

This beach is one that can be described as a family friendly beach, because, you can relax on the bed, and it’s mostly for two or more people. The clear waters and sand all around are great, but everyone said the housing prices on this beach are too expensive.

Because it’s small, it can be crowded and pretty loud, but families with kids are already used to it, and the rest chose to be here, so this one is for families mostly.

Being that it’s small, they had to raise the prices, so there would be a place for everyone in the sand.

If in pursuit for sun & fun, you are heading for the wrong beach. That being said, every one of you will find a great beach on this island that will cost you less, and give you more space for your pleasures.

This beach is quite strictly family oriented, and pretty pricey. During this long sandy beach all around you are shallow waters, so families with small kids are very welcome. However, if you decide to stay here, ask in advance how much will bed cost you for a whole day. Then decide, if you are willing to pay something that may be more than a decent meal, while on the beach.

Having in mind that this whole island is all about the partying, this is the rare beach where you must wear your undies to get in. Also worth mentioning is that this place is behind the highs of the island, where you will be protected from the strong winds that are usually around here.

That, however, have one advantage more: strong winds make larger boats and yachts to be on settled on a place like this, so you’ll be amazed by the latest beauties when it comes to finely crafted boats. That’s why it’s so pricey, and the selection of the guest of this beach is strict, so you are basically paying for family time in this place.

In the vicinity of the beach are several shops and diners, so if you got there from afar, you won’t be needing anything until the sun sets.

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