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The Taste Diaries

We have to include this lovely place because here we have something different. They are well known for serving breakfast for those who get up early and like to enjoy three meal during the day. We also have to say that they have the best deserts and that the atmosphere is the best for couples, but there are much more than they offer.

You’ll feel great because of the staff, that will take good care of you, they also prepare meals to go, if you are in a rush, and also, unlike many restaurants, they serve vegetarian food.

What also needs to be said is that of course you can have every meal and be on your way, but what’s unusual here is that, even though you have all on the menu, you can combine your own meals, adding and setting aside everything you want. So either you want what they already have, or you have the time to prepare all the ingredients you want, and just order your favorite dish, they will gladly accommodate every wish you have. It’s worth trying even if you got disappointed elsewhere, come here, and make your own meal.

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