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Oregano Cook & Grill

To eat great food at such low prices that can only be here. As the name itself gives you a clue what is pretty important on this menu, oregano has its own section on this one so if you get Berki Meze, as a traditional dish, you’ll be served pork fillet with onion, parmesan cheese, pepper, tomato, spiced with oregano, like fried chicken fillet served with colored paprika, carrot, olive oil, oregano, and lemon.

Then you have grilled everything that they can grill, but we recommend that you keep in mind that oregano is their trademark and that whatever you eat, will have a hint of this spice in it.

They serve everything that you’ll want to eat, well known for their cleanliness like not many places, staff will have more patience than most of the clients, but for such low costs, you will eat great, and be on your way very happy.

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