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Kalosta Restaurant

This place has a whole day shady terrace, and it’s near the north side of the island. Being that near to the beach, the majority of clients are those who spend whole day at the beach. They serve Mediterranean food, along with cold meze, which includes grilled feta cheese along with thin pastry and honey, like their traditional meal of the house.

It’s needed to be said that celebrations that they make there for any occasion you need would be a treat on your eyes as well as for the stomach. Even though it got some bad reviews, we will recommend this friendly place. It has low prices; some will argue the lowest on Mykonos given the service that they provide.

Also, which should be common for this part of the world, they make their own bread and serve it to you straight from the oven. Customers are used to it, and they are in business long enough to see what are their best qualities.

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