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Ionian map GREECE – Detailed map of Ionian islands

Ionian map Greece – Detailed map of the Ionian islands – Ionian travel information

welcome to the Ionian islands of GREECE

“The isles of Greece, the isles of Greece” – when Lord Byron tossed his bouquet, he was not under the spell of today’s popular Cycladic islands but of the Ionian Islands. Located off Greece’s northwest coast, the Ionians offer some of the country’s loveliest natural settings, including beaches, a fine selection of hotels and restaurants; a distinctive history and lore; and some unusual architectural and archaeological sites. The Ionian islands are rainier, greener, and more temperate than other Greek islands, so the high season lasts a little longer, from late June to early September.
The roads are generally in fine condition, even if unavoidably steep and twisting. Accommodations range from luxury resorts to quiet little rooms on remote beaches. The local cuisine and wines offer numerous special treats. Among the best are sofrito, a spicy veal dish, bourdetto, a spicy fish dish; and wines such as Robola, Liapaditiko, and Theotaki (this last preferred by James Bond).

ionian islands map
The Ionian islands include Corfu (Kerkira), Paxos (Paxoi), Levkas (Lefkas, Lefkada), Ithaka (Ithaki), Kefalonia, and Zakinthos (Zakynthos, Zante), the seventh, Kithira (Kythira) – off the south coast of the Peloponnese – is linked only as a government administrative unit. There are many more islands in the archipelago along Greece’s northwest coast, including several that are sparsely inhabited.
In this site we single out Corfu and Kefalonia, with a side trip to Ithaka. With a couple of weeks to spare, you can take a ship or plane to either Corfu in the north or Zakynthos in the south and then make your way by ship to several of the other Ionians (although outside high season, you will have to do considerable backtracking). If you have only a week, you should fly to one island and then use ships to get to a couple of the others. In either case, rent a car to get around the larger islands. If it comes down to visiting only one, Corfu is a prime candidate, but if you want to get off the beaten track, consider Kefalonia or Ithaka. All the Ionians-especially Corfu – are overrun in July and August, aim for June or September, if you can.