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Detailed map of Zakynthos, Greece !!

Zakynthos island map – attactions, towns, villages, roads, streets and beaches !!
Lively, sporty, fun and – in places – intimate, Zakynthos is alive: you can feel it! An island of memorable moments. This is an island with huge appeal and two names. Zakynthos or Zante – either one will do, whether you’re referring to the whole island or its capital town.
Small enough to be easily explored, large enough to offer up bags of diversity, Zakynthos is one of those destinations that’s got the balance just right. Without a doubt, its trump card is its good looks. Think dramatic mountains. Lush valleys. And turquoise seas. No wonder the Venetians dubbed it the ‘Flower of the Orient’. The star beauty spot is the much talked about Smugglers’ Cove. One of the most photographed sights in Greece.
Take a look at our static and interactive Google map, showing major places in Zakynthos island and providing regional travel information.
We’ve highlighted the most well-known villages, towns and beaches using pointers. Don’t forget to drag the map around and zoom in to see places in more detail – and to use street-view also !!

Zakynthos map
Printable and Downloadable Zakynthos map (Greece) island showing the best places to visit.
it’s graced the cover of many a holiday brochure. And for good reason. Picture a crescent of deep-piled sand, a half-buried shipwreck and some theatrical-looking cliffs. Just gorgeous. As to places to stay, there’s literally something for everyone. Laganas is by far and away the biggest holiday hangout – a 24-hour playground that parties hard from Easter right through to the last flight out in October. And if you’ve got the kids in tow, Alykanas is a sure-fire hit. Away from the beach resorts, it’s an altogether different story. Rustic stone farms look out over vineyards heavy with grapes.
And tall grasses grow among the ruins of old Venetian buildings levelled by the earthquake of ’53. Of course, no description of Zakynthos would be complete without mentioning the famous loggerhead turtles. Every year, in the still of the night, these giant mariners trundle ashore to lay their eggs in Zakynthos’ soft sands. And what with eco-tourism taking centre stage these days, do your bit for the planet by leaving these sea creatures to it.

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