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Feel the electronic vibe in Cavo Paradiso

It has become famous all over the world as one the must clubs to go on Mykonos. The electronic sounds of Cavo Paradiso perfectly match the wild sense of Mykonos, the most vibrating island of the Mediterranean Sea, the island where night never sleeps… Several clubs and bars dot every beach and corner of Mykonos and Cavo Paradiso, built on a rock over Paradise beach, shakes the island with its sounds. DM Mag, one of the most popular British music magazines, included it among the top 100 clubs in the world and in particular in rank 43. We have talked to Margarita Antonini, the manager of the club, and asked her to tell us about this legendary club.

Can you describe us in a few words the decoration of Cavo Paradiso?

The club is made of natural elements, mostly stone and wood. We tried to make sure that the decoration of Cavo Paradiso would match harmonically with the traditional architecture of Mykonos.

The most characteristic part of the club is the big pool. Whose idea was it?

Well, the size of the pool is not really what matters, but its amphitheatrical point of view makes it more distinctive. In Cavo Paradiso, you have the feeling that you can see everyone and that everyone can see you. The pool was an idea of the owner of the club, Mr Nikos Dachtilides.

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Source: Feel the electronic vibe in Cavo Paradiso

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