Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos Beaches

The beaches on Skiathos have golden sand and blue-green waters. Use our beach map to find the perfect spot to party, relax, go nude or park your boat.

Organized beaches like Koukounaries and Banana can be expensive as you have to pay for chairs, snacks, beverages, and water sports. 

The beaches of Lalaria, Megalos Aselinos & Aghia Eleniare are further away from town but are completely free of charge.

Skiathos Beaches Map

Most of the beaches west of Chora (Skiathos Town) with a large cluster and around Koukounaries. Of the eastern beach, Kastro and Lalaria are the most famous.

Lalaria Beach

Skiathos Beaches

One of the most notable beaches in Skiathos and only approachable by boat. It is pebbly with crystal-clear waters. Its highlight is the big rock with a big hole on it that contributes to making the scenery more picturesque. 

Lalaria is a nonorganized, free of charge beach. It is a great place to watch the sunset and enjoy a relaxing sunny day. Some consider it to be one of the best beaches in Greece. 

Koukounaries Beach

Skiathos Beaches

Koukounaries is one of the most beloved beaches on the Island. It covers a distance of 2 kilometers and It has blue-green shallow waters and golden soft sand. It is surrounded by pine trees and what it was named for (Koukounaries are Pine Cones) 

There you can also try water sports with the help of the instructors. 

Banana Beach

Skiathos Beaches

Like Koukounaries, Banana is an organized beach with bars offering beach chairs, snacks, iced coffee and beverages from early in the morning until late at night. 

If you are more of an outgoing person then you should visit one.

Small Banana Beach

Skiathos Beaches

The name alone is funny and possibly all the description needed, as it’s a nudist beach. 

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