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Dodecanese map GREECE – Detailed map of Dodecanese islands

welcome to Dodecanese islands of GREECE

Online Dodecanese islands map
howing major islands of Dodecanese.
Find the islands to visit in Dodecanese islands map. Detailed tourist and travel map of Dodecanese islands of Greece
providing regional information. Dodecanese islands map and visitor information. Download free Dodecanese islands maps.

Dodecanese islands map

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Detailed map of Patmos, Greece !!

Patmos island map – attactions, towns, villages, roads, streets and beaches !!
Patmos, situated between Leros and Ikaria, is a mountainous island with rocky soil and an abundance of small coves. The majestic fortress  monastery crowns the hill above the port, surrounded by dazzling white, cubelike houses which spill down its flanks.
Interspersed among them are miniscule churches and grand sea captains’ mansions, separated from each other by narrow lanes, high walls and small squares opening onto breath  catching views over the Aegean. Ships arriving at Patmos dock in the island’s harbour, Skala, a lively place with its white houses, flowered courtyards, fish tavernas, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. North of Skala is the village of Kambos, set among trees and greenery, and near it is what many consider to be the island’s finest beach.

Take a look at our static and interactive Google map, showing major places in Patmos island and providing regional travel information.
We’ve highlighted the most well-known villages, towns and beaches using pointers. Don’t forget to drag the map around and zoom in to see places in more detail – and to use street-view also !!!

Patmos map

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Sifnos map GREECE – Detailed map of Sifnos island

welcome to the island of Sifnos – GREECE

The next pearl in the crown of the Greek islands we would like to present is Sifnos. Part of the Cyclades complex and close to Serifos and Milos, this picturesque island is also famous by its other name – Kamares. Sifnos is one of those “off-the-beaten track” places, where you can relish tranquility and calmness and avoid the crowds of tourists. You can reach it easily by the most common means of transport in the Greek archipelago – the ferry. At about 130 km from Athens, and with a territory of 74 km, Sifnos island has a relatively middle density of population – 2000 people. Every of the bigger Cyclades has some mineral or ore deposits – Sifnos is one of the “lucky” ones with silver and gold deposits and respectively mines. The existence of these precious metals was known since ancient times and Sifnos owes its wealth and economic stability mainly to that fact. However at certain time in the past the extraction came to an end, for yet undiscovered reason. In the last 2 hundred years the main output and way of living is culture and all types of recreation holiday activities.

Sifnos map

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Map of the Greek Islands – Greece

Greek islands map, Greece – Detailed map of the Greek islands – All travel information

With 227 inhabited Greek islands, surrounded by crystal clear waters and offering world class beaches and landscapes, it is only natural that Greece was one of the first holiday destinations when mass tourism started a few decades ago. Greek islands are the ideal destination for Greek holidays. From the awe – inspiring sunsets of Santorini to the peaceful tranquility of Patmos and the elegant luxury of Crete, the Greek islands present the perfect opportunity to escape to a world where feelings blossom with ease

Map of the Greek Islands - Greece

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