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Xanthi Maps

Xanthi is located in northeastern Greece in the Thrace region, the wedge between Bulgaria and Turkey. Our tourist map and hotel map offer travel itinerary tools for easily creating a touring plan that suits any taste.

The Xanthi Attraction

The city was built in rich and natural surroundings on the foot of the Rhodope mountain chain. The Old Town of Xanthi is well known for its distinctive architecture that combines byzantine and neoclassic structures with those of the Ottoman era.

Xanthi Carnival

The annual spring carnival in Xanthi takes is famous throughout Greece and helps develop the city’s economy. The festivities include plays, music dance, as well as a cycling event and re-enactments of old customs.

Xanthi Tourist Map

The Kosynthos River runs straight through Xanthi and you’ll find many attractions around it. The Nestos River and to the southwest is where many outdoor activities and tours take place. In the Southeast, you’ll find the Nestos Delta and the Vistonida/Ismarida Lakes. The Thracian Sea is directly south.

Interactive Hotel Map

All types of hotels and lodging are covered throughout Old Town Xanthi and the inner city. The castle hotels in Zarkadia and Komnina are also worth a look even just to take a photo.

Image Map

Here you can see how tightly Xanthi sits around Bulgaria and Macedonia and how close by the Thracian Sea is. Just outside of the picture to the east you would find the wonders of Istanbul.

Xanthi map
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