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Xanthi Hotels

There are 10 highly rated lodging options in Xanthi clustered throughout Old Town and the city center. Use our hotel map to know where to stay and plan out your accommodation.

Interactive Hotel Map

All types of popular hotels and lodging are marked on the map including those located near the Kosynthos River and Xanthi south.

If you’re wanting to stay in the surrounding areas, you’ll find wonderful castle hotels nearby, along with accommodations by the Nestor River, in the countryside or atop a mountain.

Old City

The Elisso (4-star) is a lovely hotel surrounded by nature and nearby traditional restaurants and café-bars. The Boutique Hotel 1905 (3-star) offers exceptional and luxurious accommodation near the Folk and Anthropological Museum.

The Hotel 1000 Colors (5-star) is located outside the city to the west and offers an aerial view of Old Town from their rooftop terrace.

Kosynthos River

The Elena Hotel (3-star) is more commercial looking, but its communal sun terrace overlooking the river is very nice. It’s located at the southern end of the river while the Elisso (in Old Town) is located at the top. 

While the Agriana Hotel (3-star) is located well north of Xanthi, it offers a slice nature with the river behind it.

City Center

Hotel Xanthippion (2-star) offers a comfortable hotel-like stay, while the Paris Hotel (1-star) and Orpheus (3-star) have budget-minded pricing with an apartment type of feel.

South Xanthi

The Z Palace Hotel (5-star) is just outside the city center and is well known for its conferences and outdoor swimming pool. 

The Nestor (3-star) and Natassa (3-star) a little further south on the outskirts and well recommend and priced.

Castle Hotels

Hotel Nemesis (3-star) near the Nestor River in Komnina is a fairy-tale style castle that might just make your bucket list if you see how reasonably priced it is.  

While much farther southwest towards the town of Kavala, the Castle of Zarkadia Hotel is another dream house for travel princes and princesses.

Nestor River

If your goal is to be near the river adventures, then Hotel Filoxenia (3-star) in Stathmos has very good rates, along with a decent swimming pool. 

If you’re willing to pay more for luxury, then the Kokkymelon, a refurbished mansion in the scenic Toxotes village, and the Vogdos Resort & Spa in Semeli are worthy options.

Countryside Options

The pricing at Le Chalet (4-star) to the east in Pigadia Xanthis, can be similar to 3-stars in town and is well worth a look. The Xenios Zeus Guesthouse in the west is within walking distance to the Folk Museum in Stavroupoli.

Mountain View

The Kevili Hotel (4-star) to the northwest in Ano Karyofyto can be well priced at times.

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