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Greece Do’s & Don’ts

When going on vacation there always things that should and shouldn’t do. When it comes to traveling in Greece, there are some things you absolutely must do and others you should steer clear of.

DO Taste the Local Cuisine

When you visit Greece you’ll stumble upon items like souvlaki or moussaka while looking at a restaurant menu. If you have a dilemma about whether you should give them a try or not, the answer you will need to say is yes, please.

Greek cuisine is famous around the world, but tasting it cooked with local ingredients and flavors makes it all the more delicious.

Fresh Fish and Seafood

At times, more than half the menu in the restaurant will be dedicated to fresh dishes taken from the Aegean sea that day. No matter what your flavor, you can always find something to suit every taste.


An oven food made of fried eggplants zucchini and potatoes mixed with ground beef in tomato sauce and covered with béchamel and sometimes cheese. Think shepherd’s pie with a twist.


Sure you’ve had souvlaki before, but this is NOT the plain tasting brand most North American’s barbecue. Think juicy and dripping with flavor no matter if you choose chicken, pork or beef.

Tzatziki is a sauce made of Greek yogurt, garlic, and cucumber. While not specifically a dish, you’ll find it on everything from pitas (gyros) to spaghetti.


You might not have realized that the cold version of Nescafe coffee was developed by a Greek back in the 1950s. Since then, it’s become the trademark coffee of Greece and while you can find it around the world, you’ll find it taste a little better here.

DON’T Rely on Taxis for Transportation

Taxi drivers in Greece have a bad reputation among locals and tourists alike that is not unjustified. Many drivers will go out of their way to rip off their customers and especially clueless tourists. Altered taxi meters and taking longer routes to charge extra are commonplace.

Taxi Costs

For reference, Taxi fares start from 3.50€, as long as the taxi meter isn’t altered. A 10-minute or 4km ride will costs around 6€ when there is no traffic.

Taxi Apps

Uber is not available in Greece, so the Taxi Apps are the safest way to move around. You can pay via credit card through the app and you are provided with your drivers’ and car’s details. You are also notified at the end of the ride for the exact fare you have to pay.

The most popular app is called TaxiBeat and is available for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Another is which many Europeans are likely to be familiar with and is available on the App Store or Google Play.

Taxi Issues

Even with the app, some taxi drivers manage to find ways to charge extra, either by waiting for you to pay them in cash and then ending the ride on the app. Or they charge you extra when you’re in a hurry and you don’t check if the price matches the one showing on the app. Of course, you can always report them to TaxiBeat or the police but don’t expect much of a response.

Public Transportation

If you want a fixed cost, this is the way to go. The metro system in Athens is extensive and it will get you anywhere you want to go. Most big cities have a single ticket to use all public means of transportation for 90 minutes and cost just 1.40€.