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Santorini Maps

Interactive maps for Santorini‘s finest beaches and sunset spots, as well as, the famous historical sites to religious places tourists love most.

Beaches of Santorini

You’ll find the best sunbathing spots on the eastern side of Santorini around Kamari and Old Akrotiri, but we’ve marker all the northern and western ones too on our interactive beaches map below.

Places to Watch the Sunset

If you’ve never seen a Santorini sunset, live and in person, you are truly missing out on one the world’s most spectacular. From Oia down through Thera and Pygors, and all the way to Akrotiri, we’ve marked all the great viewing spots on our interactive sunset map below.

Castles & Historical Sites

The rich history of the island of Santorini is beautifully portrayed in the archaeological discoveries found in the Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri. You’ll find it, along with the Ancient Thera (theater) and Oia Castle marked on our interactive historical sites map below.

Religious Places

Santorini is overflowing with religious buildings from churches to cathedrals and monasteries. Some of them are built right into the cliff faces while others atop the highest hills. If you’re looking to pray or admire the artistry, you’ll find the best locations in our interactive religious places map below.

Image Map

Santorini is located roughly 200 km (120 mi) southeast of mainland Greece in the southern Aegean Sea, and part of Cyclades Islands. Its population is now above 15,000, with tourism and wine exportation being the main industries.

Santorini island map
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