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Santorini Sunsets

Santorini is world-famous for its breathtaking sunsets. There are many places on the island where you can enjoy them.  Don’t think though you have to rush into a specific place as there many vantage points spread across the island.

The sunset spots mentioned below are simply the most preferred by tourists due to location and visibility.

Castro at Oia

The most popular and also the most crowded place.  Cruisers and island tour groups all end up here in the evening as the sunsets are postcard perfect. You’ll also these big crowds to all clap when the sun finally sets past the horizon.


Pyrgos is the highest spot on the island and another place where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Franco’s Café bar serves cocktails and plays classical music for a more complete experience.

Iriana Cafe

A lovely place high in Thera which offers a beautiful view of the sunset of Nea Kamini (the volcano island).

Akrotiri Lighthouse

A more isolated spot on the southern end of Santorini. You’ll need a car to get here, but it’s well worth it.

Santorini Sunrises

Most of Santorini’s beaches are on the eastern side of the island, which is best for watching the sunrise, not the sunset.

Interactive Sunset Spot Map

From Oia down through Kamari and Perissa, and all the way to Old Akrotiri, you’ll find all the best of Santorini’s beaches on our interactive map below.

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