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Santorini Historical Sites

Relive Greek history through the archaeological digs and historical sites found on Santorini. From the excavation of Akrotiri to the Ancient Thera atop Mt. Mesa you’ll be amazed at what was buried beneath the earth.

These historical areas of Santorini provide a deep dive into the past and make for wonderful photo opportunities.


One of the biggest archaeological excavations worldwide and the biggest of the eastern Mediterranean. The findings are buildings, houses, a road, and a square that date back to 4500BC.

All the findings, from the wall paintings to the furnishing of the houses, are extremely well preserved and were in excellent condition when they were first found, thanks to the ash of the volcano.

Ancient Thera

Another historically significant place from ancient Greek that dates back to 8th century BC. It lies at the top of Mount Mesa and access is only possible on foot, by climbing the stairs at the mountain.

The highlights of Ancient Thera are the Agor, Artenidoros’ Temple, Apollo’s temple, the theater, and the graveyard.

Interactive Historical Sites Map

Below you’ll find an interactive map detailed the archaeological sites in an around Akrotiri and the Ancient Thera, along with the Oia Castle and it’s ruins.

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