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Santorini Churches

The island of Santorini has several hundred churches spread across its towns. In Oia alone, there are more than 70 places of worship.

Whether it be Christian or Orthodox or a Monastery Temple, you’ll find religion playing a very prominent role on the island.

Top Santorini Churches for Visiting & Photographing

With so many to choose from, it becomes near impossible to whittle them down to just a select few. Most notably, however, a particular church appears on every almost tourist camera.

Church of Panagia

Located in the main square of Oia is the most famous of all. No matter which postcard stand you’re looking at, you’ll see the Church of Panagia and am amazing sunset spot overlooking the island of Therasia.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Located very close to the Orthodox temple you can see how two religions can easily co-exist side-by-side.

Orthodox Metropolitan Temple

Located very close to Saint John the Baptist church you can see how it differs from the Orthodox style.

Interactive Religious Places Map

Below you’ll find an interactive map of the more popular Santorini churches, cathedrals and monasteries.

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