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Santorini Beaches

The beaches in Santorini are very different than other Greek Islands. The color of the sand can change from beach to beach as do the backdrops. Some are surrounded by cliffs, other those by beach towns or winding paths that lead you to the promise-land.

Entrance to all beaches is free of charge.


One of the most popular beaches. It has a long coastline with many bars and restaurants. The sea is deep and the area is mostly windy. The beach cafes don’t charge extra for the beach chairs, they charge only the beverages and snacks you will order.

The prices of the cafes and restaurants are very economical, one of the reasons why the beach is preferred by many tourists.

Kokkini Paralia (Red Beach)

A unique hidden gem with volcanic red sand and black pebbles, blue waters and red-black big rocks. You’ll find many tourists taking day trips here and cameras snapping photos all day long.

Vlychada (Black Beach)

A beach that could easily be located on the moon. It has gray-black sand and blue waters. Due to the salt and the winds of the Aegean Sea, the rocks have a gray color and unique shapes close to the ones on the surface of the Moon.

White Beach

Another popular beach with white pebbles and big white rocks that gave the area its name.


A beach with deep blue waters that is only accessible by boat. In the area, you will find a dive center since the beach is ideal for divers and those who look for different swimming experiences.

Beach Sunrise

The sun rises on the eastern side of Santorini where all the main beaches are, which makes for amazing colors in the early morning.

Santorini Sunsets

Unfortunately, the best spots to watch the sunset and see it sink into the deep blue horizon are on the western side of the island.

Interactive Beach Map

From Oia down through Thera and Pygors and all the way to Akrotiri, you can view all the great sunset spots on our interactive map below.

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