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Mystras Attractions & Places to Visit

The top attractions of Mystras in a fully interactive map for visiting the archaeological site, churches, monasteries, landmarks and nearby points of interest.

Our fully interactive map of Mystras includes everything worth seeing in and around the famous Mystras Archeological site.

Interactive Tourist Map

We’ve mapped out all the special archaeological site attractions in Mystras including the Metropolis, Depot’s Palace and Villehardouin’s Castle.

You’ll also find all the religious sites from famous churches of Agia Sofia and Agioi Theodoroi to Peribleptos and Brontochion monasteries..

Map Markers

The Mystas East and West Gates are clearly marked as our the Archaeological Museum and Camera Museums. Local landmarks for the Fountains of Parorion and the Statue of Constantine Palaiologos.

The nearby town of Sparta, Cave Temple of Panagia Lagadiotissa and Cave of Kaiadas were then added as points of interest.

Mystras Video Tour

Before viewing the interactive map, why not familiarize yourself with the wonders of history that you can find here.

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