The Taste Diaries

We have to include this lovely place because here we have something different. They are well known for serving breakfast for those who get up early and like to enjoy three meal during the day. We also have to say that they have the best deserts and that the atmosphere is the best for couples, …

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Kalosta Restaurant

This place has a whole day shady terrace, and it’s near the north side of the island. Being that near to the beach, the majority of clients are those who spend whole day at the beach. They serve Mediterranean food, along with cold meze, which includes grilled feta cheese along with thin pastry and honey, …

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Niko’s Gallop Restaurant

A friendly place with strong tasting Cretan dishes like salt-baked fish and mussels cooked in vines. A free appetizer and dessert are included with each meal and the pleasant staff will greet you like a long-lost relative while suggesting the freshest and best dishes of the day.

Jaipur Indian Palace

A hangout for younger people with spicy Indian food, great curry dishes and many vegetarian options like chana masala and dal makhani with crispy naan bread. For meat lovers, the house favorites are Zafrani Fish Tikka marinated in exotic spices and saffron and Lamb Roganjosh in Kashmiri sauce.

Hippie Fish Restaurant

An indoor/outdoor place on the beach that combines Greek cuisine with seafood and a famous sushi menu with edamame, tuna, salmon, sea bass, and octopus. Special dishes include fresh grilled fish, calamari stuffed with feta cheese, Aegean paella, Mykonos sausage, keftedakia and Angus sirloin tagliata with caramelized onions. For dessert, the Negrito souffle with vanilla ice-cream is not to be missed

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