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Skopelos map GREECE – Detailed map of Skopelos island

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Skopelos map

Steeped in history, everywhere you turn in Skopelos there is a reminder of the rich culture of Greece. There are ruins in Glossa dating from 400 BC and ancient walls from the Byzantine time. Skopelos Town itself is built at the foot of a Venetian Castle, whilst at Cape Gourouni the northern most point of the island, the monastery of the Aghios Taxiarchos, can be found. Built on the ruins of a 7th century Byzantine church and featuring a working lighthouse, with spectacular views. As with Los Gigantes, Skopelos is mountainous and offers many natural ravines, gorges and miles of old mule tracks winding across the island for walkers to explore. You can join an organised walk to go bird or butterfly watching or explore the beautiful countryside with a picnic. The narrow streets of the old town are worth a visit, and an organised walk can be taken. The pathways and stairs are quite steep but the magnificent views make the effort worthwhile!