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Detailed map of Rhodes – Greece !!

Rhodes island map – attactions, towns, villages, roads, streets and beaches !!
Rhodes is the Crusader Isle in Greece , steeped in ancient history and boasting 300 days of blue skies each year. It lies at the southern end of the Dodecanese chain of islands that follows the line of the Turkish coast. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and has been for many years, attracting relentless and overwhelming waves of visitors from March to November.
Rhodes most popular resorts, such as Faliraki, are now almost totally devoted to package tourism and nurture an insatiable avarice in the islanders that only an unending supply of cash-spending gullible foreigners can sustain.
Take a look at our static and interactive Google map, showing major places in Rhodes island and providing regional travel information.
We’ve highlighted the most well-known villages, towns and beaches using pointers. Don’t forget to drag the map around and zoom in to see places in more detail – and to use street-view also !!

Rhodes map

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