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Afandou map, Rhodes GREECE – Afandou information

Afandou map, Rhodes Greece – Detailed map of Afandou Rhodes – Afandou travel information

welcome to Afandou in Rhodes island – GREECE

The village of Afandou has been founded in times where pirates used to overrun the islands of the Mediterranean. During that period, people used to leave the shores in order to seek shelter in the inland. Afandou took its name form the word “afandos”, which in Greek means “invisible”, because it could not be seen from the sea. Afandou located 5km from Faliraki, and it is one of the largest and oldest villages on the island of Rhodes. Filled with fruit-bearing and olive trees, the village is famous for its carpets. Afandou village has a population of about 7.500 people, and almost anything you may need can be found there, as it has stores and shops of any kind.

Afandou map Rhodes

If you visit Afandou, it is essential to visit the church of Our Lady, which can be found right next to the village¢s main square. Right there on this square, you will be able to meet many locals, who are very hospitable, and also carry a very characteristic accent. A folklore exhibition can be found in the village, and during summer a small road train connects the village to the beach. The beach of Afandou can be considered huge! It extends to a length of over 3Km, and offers crystal clear waters. On the far left side of the beach, where the shore ends, you will find areas with rocks and caves, which are suitable for all of you who consider your self adventurous. You should also not neglect to visit the unique church of Our Lady Katholiki. The church is decorated with wall paintings originating from the 17th Century. In August the church celebrates and a big religious festival is being held. The golf place, Afandou golf, is also located close to the village.

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