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Poros map GREECE – Detailed map of Poros

welcome to the island of Poros – GREECE

Poros island is situated in the Saronic Gulf and lies close to the Peloponnesian GREECE mainland.
This once busy tourist destination has declined in popularity with the cheap package tour operators due to the direct routes now available for flights to the regional airports. This in turn has allowed Poros island to return to its original typical Greek island way of life, where the tourist and visitor is again welcomed with open arms to join the islanders’ relaxed and tranquil way of life. What makes Poros so different from other Greek islands is the lush native Pine Forest which still covers much of the island; the other islands by comparison are baron wildernesses. Also due to it’s location visitors to island are not limited to endless days on the beach. Many tours visit the world renowned ancient sites of Epidavros, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplio and Olympia which are all available as easy day trips from the island (see Local Attractions). Athens, the capital of Greece with its modern and ancient attractions is also easily reached as a day trip from Poros island. If that is not enough you can also do your bit of island hopping and visit the islands of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina.

Poros map
Poros island is serviced by both sea and road routes from Athens. By sea (from the port of Piereas you can reach the island in little over an hour using the fast flying dolphin & catamaran services, alternatively driving from Athens to the coastal town of Galatas (where car ferries service the island every 30 minutes) can be achieved in 2 1/2 hours. Galatas is the sistertown of Poros. They have thier own mayor and their own council. Galatas is developing its character and is being more and more independent of Poros. Galatas has a nice waterfront where you can sit down and eat or have something to drink. There are many cafιs, bars and restaurants, and a nice view over Poros. In Galatas they say that “the best with Poros is the beautiful view”. Specially at nighttime with all the lamps, and the lights from Poros reflecting in the sea. In Galatas everything is a little cheaper than on Poros. They have not developed the tourism as much as Poros has. Here the time stands still. It is more genuine Greek. You go to the market and buy your vegetables, you go to the bakery in the morning and buy your breakfast bread, baked in the old fashion way. The people lives on growing olives and citrusfruits. Many foreign labour is working on the farms. There are a few small industries In truth Poros island is not known for its coral white sand beaches, rimmed with palm trees. The fact is Poros is sheltered from rough seas and strong currents so there are in fact few areas of sandy beach. Palms grow here but not the coconut variety, instead native pine trees grow at the waters edge

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