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Interactive maps of local attractions, historical sites & points of interest in Mystras, as well as, where to stay, where to eat, and where to shop.

Monemvasia map GREECE - Detailed map of Monemvasia

Monemvasia map GREECE – Detailed map of Monemvasia

welcome to Monemvasia – GREECE Monemvasia is a middle-aged, Byzantine and Roman castle-state, up in a hill. It is connected with the opposite Peloponnesian bay with narrow lane of earth. The peninsula that is built was named Minoa and perhaps it was Minoan navy yard. Because it was usually attacked of Slaves the Greek of …

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Gythio map GREECE - Detailed map of Gythio

Gythio map GREECE – Detailed map of Gythio

welcome to Gythio – GREECE Gythio (26 Km from Areopoli and 46 Km from Sparta), Starta’s ancient port, is the gateway to the dramatic Mani peninsula, and one of the South’s most attractive seaside towns. Gythio was destroyed in 455 B.C. by Athenians, but Spartans rebuilt it again. In 195 A.D. occupied by Romans. Out …

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Peloponnese map GREECE – Detailed map of Peloponnese

Peloponnese map – Detailed map of Peloponnese GREECE – Peloponnese travel information

welcome to Peloponnese – GREECE

Peloponnese is the geographical department that displays a large number of historical sights, a rich partition of coasts, a hinterland with beautiful nature, villages with a remarkable architecture, developed cities and a high touristic infrastructure. The national way Athens – Tripoli, has simplified the access to the heart of Peloponnese, Arcadia, and the transport is fast by comparison with other regions of Greece.
The characteristic of Peloponnese is the multiformity. Stone villages perched on rocks or in woods with planes, chestnuts and conifers as in Arcadia, cosmopolitan resorts in Argolida, Korinthia, Achaea, immense beaches in Ilia, towers in Mani, fertile plains in Argolida, Messinia and Ilia.

Peloponnese map

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