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Monemvasia map GREECE – Detailed map of Monemvasia

welcome to Monemvasia – GREECE

Monemvasia is a middle-aged, Byzantine and Roman castle-state, up in a hill. It is connected with the opposite Peloponnesian bay with narrow lane of earth. The peninsula that is built was named Minoa and perhaps it was Minoan navy yard. Because it was usually attacked of Slaves the Greek of Laconia fortified it and used it as a port and shelter. In 1147 repulsed the Norman’s attacks and in 1249 it was subordinated after sieges of three years, Goulemos Bileardouinos made everything to return it to Byzantium in 1263.
For four years it passed to the authority of Pope later the Venetians and finally the Turkish until 1823. In a distance of 1000m is the Bridge, the New Monamvasia, a modern tourist center.

Sparti mapMonemvasia has 880 inhabitants. It is far 95 Km from Sparta. In Monemvasia you can visit Kastropoliteia, after you pass the bridge with the twelve arcades that units the rock of Monemvasia with the opposite terra firma. Before you enter you can see the remains of the walls that go downhill until the sea and still keep their greatness. These walls were double in shape reversed and they ended in two gates: the big one that her coating with iron tiles was riddled from bullets, visible till today and the above gate. Entering the city you will be charmed from the narrow cobbled roads. It is as if time has stopped in the middle aged period, the Byzantine and Roman castle-city with the mansions the Byzantine churches which are wedged in the houses, the arches and Agiou Markou coats of arms, remnants of The Venetians. You will see almost 40 Byzantine churches dilapidated with great interest. Walking to the city you can observe the vigorous Venetian influence in decoration, even in the house’s chimneys that are built to the east side with balconies so as to admire the sea


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