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Paxos map GREECE – Detailed map of Paxos island

welcome to Paxos island – GREECE

Online Paxos map showing major places in Paxos island. Find the places to visit in Paxos map. Detailed tourist and travel map of Paxos island in Greece providing regional information. Paxos road map and visitor travel information. Download free Paxos maps.

Paxi map

Paxos is small enough to walk across in a day, amid olive and cypress trees and the song of a thousand cicadas. There are also organised walks around the island, and these are a great way to learn about the landscape and local buildings.

The clear blue sea surrounding the island is ideal for swimming and snorkelling. On Paxos island, visitors have over 30 beaches to choose from. White pebble beaches shelve gently into clear waters, ideal for a cooling dip.

One of the best ways to explore the island is by boat – where you can access private, tranquil coves, tucked away in the beautiful coastline. The neighbouring island of Antipaxos is just fifteen minutes away by boat, and has two lovely sandy beaches fringed by the bluest water imaginable.

Ozias is the oldest settlement on Paxos and the sixth-century ruins of the churches Agia Marina and Agios Stefanos are worth a visit.

On the south side of the harbour at Gaios you’ll find a fascinating museum, where you can see artefacts dating back to ancient times, and tour rooms laid out in the styles of centuries gone by. You can also visit the olive press museum between Gaios and Lakka, and the old monastery on Panagia islet.

A quarter of a million olive trees blanket the island of Paxos, so it’s no surprise that the olive oil here is some of the best you’ll taste. Buy superb local fish and seafood and cook it in the golden oil, then serve with a Greek-style salad and fresh, crusty bread. Dine out in friendly, authentic tavernas, and complement your meal with a glass of wine fresh from the vineyards on Antipaxos.

This verdant and peaceful island is reached via ferry from the neighbouring island, Corfu. Guests can pre book transfers from Corfu airport to the island of Paxos via the ferry.

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