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What to do in Greece

Welcome to Greece

Looking into Greece islands holidays should be something to consider because there are many things
to do in Greece, including the Greece islands. The Greece island of Crete is the first island you should visit during Greek holidays, because the island is beautiful, and if you like hiking and climbing than the mountains on this island will wow you. The ancient cities around Crete are equally impressive as the gorgeous beaches found on Crete. Athens is also a great place to visit during Greece holidays, and offers tourists many things to do, such as checking out Beule gate. The Acropolis is entered by entering through Beule gate. The gate is a ruin that will have you amazed. While in Athens, one should go and check out Victory Square. This is a relaxing area with a few taverns around, and plenty of trees to relax under. Sparta is also a great place to visit, and one should be sure to pay a visit to the Sparta archeological museum as you can gawk at many finds that have been dug up around Sparta

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Los is another Greek island that one should go and pay a visit to. Los is home to Milopita beach, and this is a beach lover’s paradise. There are many restaurants to eat at on the island of Los.
While on your Greek islands holidays, you should also check out the island of Mykonos as this attraction is a must see, mainly because of their beautiful beaches, hotels, restaurants and overall scenario.
Another Greek island to visit is the island of Corfu. Corfu is home to some of the best scenario that Greece has to offer, as well as relaxing beaches. A trip to Greece would not be complete without taking a trip to Athens. Athens is filled with history and amazing landmarks.
Cyprus has something for everyone, whether you are sun seeker, explorer someone looking for a relaxing holiday with great scenery. There are so many reasons to visit Cyprus. Cyprus offers a magical blend romance, history, and relaxation in a superb setting that help make the island a perfect year round destination.Indulge in your passions and special interests while at the same time relaxing and enjoy all that can offer! Cyprus weather enjoys world-wide fame for its mild climate and ranks among the climatically healthiest regions of the world. The island offers ideal conditions for many activities like, hiking & walking, biking & cycling, horse riding, swimming, water sports, sunbathing etc.
Paphos is one of the most beautiful and historic towns in Cyprus. In ancient times, Paphos was the capital of Cyprus and is entwined with Greek mythology, and the legendary birth of Aphrodite on her shores brought fame and worshippers there to follow the cult of the Goddess. Landmarks associated with Aphrodite are the chunky, rugged rocks of her beautiful birthshore known as the Aphrodite Rocks.