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Mykonos Greece

The Cyclades form a cluster of islands in the south Aegean Sea. They are Mykonos, Delos, Tinos, Syros, Andros, Naxos, los, Paros, Thera or Santorini, Kea, Yaros, Kythnos, Siphnos, Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Serifos, Amorgos, Anaphi and several smaller islands.

In addition to this, many small islets are scattered the length and breadth of the Aegean. All are notable for their picturesque scenery, their clean seas and beaches, their small towns and villages, many of which are interesting architecturally, and their historical remains, which cover all periods (prehistoric, classical, Hellnistic and Roman, Byzantine, Frankish, Turkish, and modern).


is a Greek island and a mass tourist destination, renowned for its  intense nightlife. The island is part of the Cyclades, lying between Siros, Paros, Tinos, and Naxos. It spans an area of 105.184 km2 (41 sq mi) and rises at an elevation of 342m (1,118 ft) at its highest point. The island  has little natural fresh water and relies on the desalination of sea water in order to meet its needs. There are 9,530 inhabitants (2011) most of whom live in the largest town, Mykonos, also known as Chora , which lies on the west coast. It is believed that the island was named after a local hero, who is considered an offspring of the god Apollo and was worshipped locally in antiquity.

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