M-Eating Restaurant

M-Eating Restaurant

This ‘White’ place with its special terrace will offer you a great service and great meals. Not only that they are all made to represent this dinner, having to catch your eye, every dish will not only satisfies your eyes but your stomach too.

That’s why you’ll see some of the dishes only on their menu. Basel Soup, Goat Cheese Trilogy, Stuffed Rabbit Filet, a dish called Like Mykonian Sun, Cous Cous With Seafood ragu, Fig Salad or Salad With Pears, Duet of Pork Filet or Cappuccino Pastry are just some of them.

Judging by the names, I know that you are wondering how nice it would be to sit there and be served some of those fantastic meals. Their veal is beyond description, and the honey pie we mentioned earlier is here always fresh, and something to remember this place by.

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M-Eating Restaurant is open daily from 7:00pm to 1:00am.

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M-Eating Restaurant
Address: 10 Kalogera Street, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 078550
Email: info@m-eating.gr
Web: Homepage | Menu

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