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Kadena Restaurant

Even though some people don’t like Mediterranean food, they love the view from this place, most of them like that the restaurant is on the side of the island where wind rarely drifts, it’s a great place, and we will try to make you sure about it. Some people were even captured that the flowers on the tables are fresh every day, but that’s not only thing that makes this place unique. For one, like so little dining places, this one is there for you 27/7, they serve the best breakfast, and are placed on the hot-spot in the island.

Kadena Restaurant

From full morning, they switch to local food around midday, and everything they put on any table is the freshest food you’ll find on the island. The lack of over -spacing, they excess in one of the best restaurants on the island, keeping in mind that some of them are overcharging, others cook things some people wouldn’t like, this place is everything others lack, and serve it fresh and with a smile.

Placed on the left side of the Marina, near the Church with a Blue Top, this place will capture you with kid-friendly staff, and a lot of patience with every order. Here you can try everything because all the food there is excellent. Staff will also recommend saving some room for the desert, because every dessert is on the house, and each is better than one before it, so enjoy your exceptional meal, with most of Aegean, has to offer!

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Kadena Restaurant is open daily from 7:00am to 3:00am.

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Kadena Restaurant
Address: Paralia Mykonou, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 029290

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