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Captain’s Food For Sharing

This place serves every kind of food there is Mediterranean, Greek, European, Seafood, and much more. The staff is always with a smile on their faces, and the sequel of the restaurant name came from that the portions are so big, that one can be shared with two or three people at once, hence ‘Food For Sharing.’

It’s like they have everything any client needs to be satisfied when done with dining. The whole menu is ‘about Meze,’ so we will just mention some of them will make you wonder what have you been missing.

On Sea Meze menu you’ll find dishes like Swordfish souvlaki with grilled vegetables, Captain’s octopus bites in red sauce. On the Land Meze you’ll be served something like Chicken trachonatto with sage, Pork Bites served with lemon or mustard sauce, meatballs with red sauce or yogurt dip.

Except for all the other restaurant menus, this one, being family- friendly have also a section called ‘Sharing Platters’ which by itself say that it’s a portion of food for larger or smaller groups of people. All that and for affordable prices, you will be stunned by their capabilities.

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