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Eva’s Garden Restaurant

This place finds itself on our list, even though it is harder to find it in its location, which is near Goumenio Square.

Tucked away, settled on a terrace, from which vine is sliding down, and the sight from wherever you decide to sit is blue skies and turquoise sea touching each other in the middle.

We must say that this place is most famous by the vast offering of seafood, and if you have trouble finding it, it will be worth your while, because your taste buds will be grateful for this experience.

When a menu looks like this, you’ll be waiting in line, if needed to, just to have this kind of pleasure.

Start off with garlic bread with paprika and grilled feta cheese with sesame with honey. Then move on to avocado salad with a lamb rack with lemon sauce, or pork fillet marinated in mustard.

Or maybe you prefer black beer and honey or pasta in any shape or form ’till you get to the sad ending or fully satisfied senses.

But wait, chocolate, or rarely made baklava is the true end of a great meal like this one.

Visitor Info

Opening Hours

Eva’s Garden Restaurant is open daily from 6:30pm until close at 12:45am.

Contact Details

Eva’s Garden Restaurant
Address: Goumenio Square, N. Kalogera 2, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, Greece
Phone: +30 2289 022160
Email: info@evas-garden.gr
Web: Homepage | Menu

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