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Elia Beach Restaurant

Being part of the hotel with the same name, this place made of stone is on the beach, and everything they serve is the catch of the day, so you cannot be wrong with fresh quid or pasta with lobster.

Being specialized for Mediterranean food, every dish you have here, no matter how it’s called, it will have the taste of Greece in it, like Giouvetsi which is veal with eggplant, thick pasta, and red peppers, or Vassili’s roasted baby goat with virgin olive oil and sun-dried oregano.

This restaurant also serves breakfast, so if you’re on the way back from the party, you can have your first meal here, and that would be something like this: if you have an urge to eat full this meal is a great breakfast fresh eggs with crispy slices of bacon along with fresh brown bread, butter, variety of jams, pure honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee or tea, but something other will maybe caught your eye

The breakfast called ‘The Morning Challenge’ has Greek yogurt, fruits, honey, nuts, variety of jams, toasted bread, chopped tomatoes, graviera cheese, and olives. Given the breakfast, it’s not questionable why people want to discover what else they have in store for lunch or dinner.

Opening Hours

Restaurant Elia Beach is open daily from 8:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Contact Details

Restaurant Elia Beach
Address: Elia Beach, Mykonos
Phone: +30 2289 071204
Web: Homepage | Menu

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