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The Alleys of Mykonos Town: Cultural Attraction

A trip to the center of Mykonos is a lesson in life at its finest. The interweaving and zigzagging alleys are by themselves, a rare spectacle of Cycladic architecture that breathes a life of its own.

As you traverse the zigzagging pathways, get ready to feel the radiant and colorful Greek culture which exudes from within. These alleyways bring to life Mykonos’ rare authenticity and beauty, which is richly soaked in local flare and history.

A vast array of colored doors and dark marble paving stones offers you a hint of the treasure that awaits inside. Mouthwatering scents emanate from bars and restaurants within, forever tempting you to enter.

Keep your camera at hand for the cutest kittens will randomly appear in courtyards and keep your eyes open for children running by who seem to be playing at every turn.

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