Thassos Island Maps

Thassos Island Maps

Thassos is the most northerly island in the Aegean group lying just off the coast of mainland Greece. Fabulously wealthy in ancient times, Thassos may now be outside the top league of Greek islands but it still has a very great deal to offer the more discerning visitor.

Much of Thassos archaeological heritage has unfortunately been lost, marble quarries still mar parts of the south and a few scars still remain of forest fires that have engulfed the island. However, a good road coastal circles the island of Thassos giving easy access to some very fine beaches and splendid mountain forest villages.

Dubbed the ’emerald isle’ it is notably green, especially inland along forest tracks.  Slightly off the main tourist trail, Thassos has escaped exploitation by the big package operators and, though some islanders have been tarting the place up with lorry loads of fake sand and imports of chip fat fryers, much remains authentic and charming.

The island is small enough for any resort to be reached with a short drive, beaches are rarely crowded and the interior hills are cloaked in pine forest crisscrossed by walking paths

Thassos Image Map

Thassos Island Maps

Thassos Town

Thassos Town has two harbours, a good selection of tavernas and also an amazing amount of ancient sites most of which are free to enter. The tavernas are typically Greek island – really great to relax in and spend hours during the evening trying to run them out of house red wine.

There are two marvelous beaches which should be visited, namely Golden Beach and best of all by far – Paradise Beach (nudist beach). Aliki beach looked good (but always seemed very crowded) and does have some ancient sites and salt pans to wander around. Other equally nice beaches can be found at Skala Prinos – and then southwards.

From a hiking/walking point of view whilst on holiday there are really good walks around Thassos Town, Panagia, Potamia, Megalos Prinos and Maries.

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