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Cyprus map, EUROPE – Country map of Cyprus

map of Cyprus – EUROPE

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Cyprus map

Cyprus tucked away in the top right hand corner of the Mediterranean seais so close to the Greek islands Europe, Asia and Africa that it rightly, claims to be a stepping stone to three continent. An island chosen by the mythical gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece who indulged themselves here in sport pleasure and tragedy; where Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty, emerged from the Paphos foam to become a famous cult figure – centre of attraction for the first visitors who flocked to the island to worship her. Travellers arriving in the Republic of Cyprus may enter the Republic through the: Larnaka and Paphos International Airports, or the ports of Larnaka, Limassol and Paphos. Search for flights to Cyprus and visit an island that is both charming and intriguing. Today, the island is the place to go for luxurious pampering and some serious sun-seeking or romancing. Perhaps the best way to see everything Cyprus has to offer is to travel by car. The cost of car rental is reasonable and, like the UK, driving in Cyprus is on the left.

Cyprus offers charm and individuality incomparable to any other place:
Excellent cosmopolitan restaurants and night-clubs, famous wines, sandy beaches, windsurfing or water-skiing and facilities for all kinds of sport such as tennis and horse-riding. Alternatively one can visit quiet mountain villages seemingly untouched by the twentieth century. Cyprus is fast becoming the businessman’s newly discovered paradise. Among the reasons for the development of Cyprus as a major commercial centre are the island’s key position, its excellent infrastructure and numerous tax advantages.

Cyprus is also known as The Island of Love. With an area of 9,251 square kilometers, Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean; lying next to Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Greece. Cyprus encompasses citrus and olive groves, pine-forested mountains and some of Europe’s cleanest beaches. Also known as a photographers’ dream due to its exquisite landscapes, variety of migrating birds, crystal clear waters and stretches of golden beach, this is an island of great scenic beauty. With its intriguing history and mythological wonders, Cyprus is a country with a character and traditions all of its own. The climate on Cyprus is typically Mediterranean, with long, dry summers and short, rainy winters. The average temp is 19°C, but in summer, it can reach over 40°C. Cyprus boasts an average of 340 days of sunshine, making it a prime holiday destination all year round. Summer begins in March and stretches through to mid November. The winter is short and mild and autumn brings blue skies and a high sun with a cool breeze

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