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Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to release stress from everyday work. It is a good technique to temporarily escape the noise of the city streets and enjoy ultimate tranquillity in a paradise-like destination. Whether you are thinking of having a vacation with your family or just with your friends, Zakynthos might be one of the best options as this is really beautiful and breathtaking.

, or as the Italians call it Zakynthos, is the most southerly of the Ionian chain that follows the coastline
of western Greece. It is one of the more popular Greek islands, featured heavily in travel brochures. The island has fertile plains, rough hills, wild cliffs and sweeping sands in roughly equal proportions and resorts vary from the idyllic fishing village to the brash, gaudy neon-lit nightmare of Laganas - the resort's 'golden mile' likened to a set from the science fiction film Blade Runner.  The 1953 earthquake destroyed much of the island's Venetian heritage but unlike neighbouring Kefalonia, buildings were replaced by agreeable, if uninspiring, homes, in the main town of Zante at least. Those who want to avoid the disco bars and hung over teenagers should head north, or visit in spring and autumn, especially spring when the island show why it earned the title 'blossom of the east'. Visitors can find a wide array of entertainment venues throughout Zante island, ranging from exciting clubs and bars, to relaxing cafes and tavernas. Some areas offer great nightlife, popular are Zante Town, Laganas, Alikes, Argasi and Alikanas. Summer season in Zante lasts from April until October and it tends to be very hot and dry and then mild in the winter. However all year round, the weather in Zante is good making it an ideal holiday destination all year round

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