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Peloponnese is the geographical department that displays a large number of historical sights, a rich partition of coasts, a hinterland with beautiful nature, villages with a remarkable architecture, developed cities and a high touristic infrastructure. The national way Athens - Tripoli, has simplified the access to the heart of Peloponnese, Arcadia, and the transport is fast by comparison with other regions of Greece.
The characteristic of Peloponnese is the multiformity. Stone villages perched on rocks or in woods with planes, chestnuts and conifers as in Arcadia, cosmopolitan resorts in Argolida, Korinthia, Achaea, immense beaches in Ilia, towers in Mani, fertile plains in Argolida, Messinia and Ilia.

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Ancient temples as Ireon in Argolida, historical monasteries in Mystras, Agia Lavra in Kalavrita, ancient theatres as Epidaurus, castles as Akronafplia, Palamidi, Bourtzi and Akrokorinthos are only some of the monuments and sights that you are going to meet perambulating Peloponnese.
Peloponnese is one of the most historical areas in Greece. In Peloponnese broke out the Greek Revolution in 1821, in Argolida began the flourished the Mycenean civilization, in Lakonia was created one of the two "superpowers" of ancient Greece: Sparti and the Byzantine seigniory of Mystras. Arcadia is the birthplace of Orpheus and Kolokotronis, in Ilia flourished the Olympic spirit, to the mountainous Korinthia, Heracles confronted the Lion of Nemea and this list has no end. Peloponnese has a lot of things to offer, so, enjoy there little by little.

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Patras is the capital of Peloponnese is the third largest city in Greece. Patras is a major port in Greece and receives all the traffic arriving by sea from Italy. The town carnival on February is the most spectacular in Greece. Mystras is the best known site from the Olympic Games. Important archaeological remains can be seen, the temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera, the Stadium, the largest Ancient stadium (30.000 spectators) the gymnasium, the museum, many remarkable sculptures were found there from the 19th century. In particular the marbles of the Great temple of Zeus.
Worth Visiting
- Akropoli : In the 9C the castle was rebuilt by the Byzantines and subsequently enlarged and improved by the French.
- Agios Andreas: (St. Andrew's church) The Icons of St. Andrew and that of Virgin Mary are exhibited in the church as well as a gold gasket which contains the Saint's head which was transported from Rome to 03eille in 1964 and then 1980 to Patras.
- Archeo Odio: The Roman Odeon 2C AD was discovered in 1889. The 1963 was fully restored and now is used for cultural events.
- Archaeological Museum contains arms, sculpture, mosaics etc
- Ethnology and History museum containing items representing the period from 1821Greek revolution) - to 1913 (Balkan Wars).
- Monemvasia: Built on a high rock by the Franco Venetians, the fort stands 300 meters above the sea at the extreme end of Laconia . Invisible from the coast partially ruined medieval town sits on a steep rocky peninsula
- Mycenae: The remains of the most ancient site of the continental Greek Civilization . This settlement which dates from the second millennium BC , played an important role in the development of Greek Civilisation . Capital of the Atreids who played a major part in the Trojan war.

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