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Primarily known for its busy port and ferry departures to Italy, not to mention the fantastic carnival held annually to kick off the Lenten season, Patra and the surrounding area offer a wealth of things to do and see. There is a sprawling metropolis by the sea with a wonderful old section. Neoclassical buildings, cathedrals, museums, shops, bars, cafes and vibrant nightlife make this area a treasure waiting to be found. Within easy reach are mountains, lakes, caves, and villages, all with magnificent natural scenery.
Patra is easy to reach from Athens by private or rental car, and by train or public bus. In fact, bus departures are very frequent throughout the day, and the trip takes only two and one-half hours, along a very scenic route.

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If you're interested in looking at this part of Greece, just let us know how you'd like to make the trip, and we'll be pleased to give you all the information you will need and arrange your rental or private car for you. Check out our accommodation suggestions if you'd like to spend a few days. And, if you're interested in traveling further afield, we can help you with that as well, offering excellent suggestions for a stay in the Peloponnese.
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Port of Patras Information: Ferry Services - Patras, Italu, Greece
There are several car and passenger ferry services from Patras to other Greek and Italian destinations. Services run year-round and are of high quality. Superfast Ferries operates a popular daily service from Patras to Ancona in Italy, with a journey time of approximately 20 hours, as well as running to Bari in southeast Italy with a journey time of 15 hours, 30 minutes.
Anek Lines Ferries also runs a daily crossing from Patras to Ancona which takes 22 hours; a slightly longer journey time than Superfast ferries owing to a stop-off at the port of Igoumenitsa in northwest Greece. Another ferry company operating the Patras to Ancona route and taking 20 hours is Minoan Lines, which also operates the Patras-Corfu-Igoumenitsa-Venice route. The times on this long route are 7 hours from Patras to Corfu, 10 hours total to Igoumenitsa and 27 hours total to Venice from Patras.
The Patras-Venice route is also operated by Venice Line Ferries in a time of 23 hours.
Blue Star Ferries is another established ferry company that offers daily direct sailings on the Patras-Ancona route; daily sailings to Ancona via Igoumenitsa, and four sailings per week on the Patras-Corfu-Igoumenitsa-Venice route, taking between 27 and 35 hours.
Maritime Way runs the Patras-Igoumenitsa-Brindisi route. Brindisi is located in southeast Italy below Bari and is served daily in the summer months with reduced crossings in the winter. The crossing time is 14 hours, 30 minutes. Hellenic Mediterranean Lines also runs to Brindisi in Italy, but direct from Patras. Departures in the summer are daily and crossing times are 15 hours.

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