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There are two types of islands that one can find in Greece - fully luxury ones, where you can find everything you might want for a summer holiday - in 5-star hotels with pools, with all the extras that come with those type of service. The other type of the greek islands are somehow "off-the-beaten track" - where life has not been much changed, where you can relish the traditional ways, calmness and ingenuity. So first you have to decide which type of holiday you would like to have - the explorer-one, where you will submerge in the local culture; or a luxury one - where all your needs are at a call distance, you just have to lay down on the beach or in a posh bar. If you choose the first one, then one of your options should definitely be Kythnos.
It is one of the most "untamed" island from the Cyclades complex. The island is quiet and calm; locals love to say that they prefer slow life. There is a still active icon-painting centre; beaches are very long and you can enjoy solitude and full rest. The population of Kythnos island is only 1500 people.

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You can get to Kythnos by ferry, or ultimately (if you are a sailor), by yacht. You will sail from Piraeus (about one and a half hour by High Speed or 3 hours by sailing boat) or from Lavrio (2 hours by boat). The main city, the "Chora" is called Kythnos town; the other important residential areas are Loutra, Merihas, Kanala and Drypida. The communication between them is made easy - with buses and taxis.
One of the most remarkable things on Kythnos island is the hot sulphurous mineral spas. They are situated in the resort of Loutra and the legend says that the water comes from underneath the Vesuvious volcano, that's why the water is so hot. Simply perfect for treating rheumatism and other arthritic diseases. Loutra is the place, which attracts the most tourists, because of the spas, the wonderful beaches (some of them with pebbles), the numerous taverns and traditional bars. With archaeologically minded people there is something of great interest - the oldest village on the Cyclades was discovered very close to Loutra - it dates to as far back as 7000 BC.
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At the hora, the administrative centre, you can find a rich density of seventeenth-century churches (some of them founded by Venetians). The centre is the so typical for the Greek islands white washed houses, a big square with tavernas and cafés. Dryopida, which is the ancient capital of the island, is a hill village, which offers breath-taking sea views. Very close to it is the famous Katafiki cave. At the Agios Minas church you can see a wonderful carved 17th century iconostasis and a marble bishop's throne.
Merihas, a lovely village on the west coast of Kythnos, is located around the three sides of a small bay; it has a small marina, a few taverns and just one cozy hotel. North from it is the popular sandy beach called Mertinakia. Kanala resort was developed around a Monastery built in honour of Panagia (Virgin Mary) and St. Kanala, Kythnos island's patron saint. The only wood on the island (pine trees) is to be found in Kanala this resort is ideal for families with kids, as there is no traffic around and at the beach the water is shallow. Everything is so soaked with traditional and typical Greek serenity and quiet joy-of-life. Another romantic "must" is the Kolona beach - accessible only on foot or from the water (if you have a small boat that can land directly on the sand, as there is no quay

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