Corinth Things to Do

Corinth Maps

The historical sites found in Corinth will leave you breathless. From Ancient Corinth to the Acrocorinth, the Archeological Site and Museum, as well as, Isthmus and Diakos, there so much to take in.

Aside from all the ancient history, there’s the gorgeous Corinth Canal, three notable beach parks (Loutraki, Korinthos, and Paralia), and two theme parks (Splash Waterpark and Water Fun Aqua Park).

What to Do

The most obvious thing to do in Corinth is to follow the paths of ancient history from archeologicals sites, dign and musumes to the leftover ruins and landmarks left behind.

If you’re looking some fun activity activities, try bunging diving into the Corinth Canal or hit up one the water parks.

Tourist Map

On the map below, you’ll find all of Corinths’s top attractions most important historical sites, religious sites and museums below, along with the city’s:

  • landmarks, statues and monument
  • fun activities and places to visit
  • nearby theme parks and beaches

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