Corinth Attractions

Corinth Attractions

The historical sites of Ancient Corinth are a must see, as are the canal bridge views. The Monastery Saint Patapios is a must visit religious site and Beach Park Loutraki is wonderful place to take in some sun.

What to See

Ancient history abounds in Corinth in the form archaeological sites, digs and museums to historical ruins and landmarks left behind.

The Giannkos Winery, Historical and Folklore Museum and the Ancient Roman Baths provide a unique experience while the statues of Pegasus and Posidon provide great photo ops.

The Splash Waterpark Isthmos is the best place for kids while the Zulu Bungy into the canal is top notch adult fun.

Tourist Map

On the map below, you’ll find all the top attractions including the most important historical sites, religious sites and museums, along with the numerous other things to do in Corinth:

  • landmarks, statues and monument
  • fun activities and places to visit
  • nearby theme parks and beaches

Top Attraction List

  1. Ancient Corinth
  2. Acrocorinth
  3. Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth
  4. Corinth Canal Old Bridge
  5. Archaological Site Of Corinth And Temple of Apollo
  6. Monastery Saint Patapios
  7. Beach Park Loutraki
  8. Corinth Canal Footbridge
  9. Splash Waterpark Isthmos
  10. Zulu Bungy
  11. Corinth Canal Bridge
  12. Diolkos Archaeological Area
  13. Archaeological Museum of Isthmia
  14. Isthmus of Corinth
  15. Giannkos Winery
  16. Holy Cathedral of the Apostle Paul
  17. Korinthos beach
  18. Water Fun
  19. Historical and Folklore Museum
  20. Saint Nicholas Church
  21. Temple of Isthmia
  22. Ancient Roman Baths
  23. Sanctuary of Asklepieion
  24. Agia Anna Church
  25. Pegasus Statue
  26. Posidon Statue
  27. Linos Museum
  28. Paralia Kalamia
  29. Municipal Art Gallery
  30. Archaeological Site of Lechaion

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