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The abundance of beaches in Greece definitely makes it a noteworthy vacation spot. Greece has a number of small islands that are all full of beaches suitable for different travelers. These Greek islands include Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Crete, Paros and Ios. Choosing a beach to visit on one of these islands depends on the desired type vacation, resort and atmosphere a person is seeking

Sarakiniko Beach is the first location worth noting. It is primarily a sandy beach, both on the coast and in the water. Sarakiniko Beach is known to have the cleanest and purest water, making it a great place for those looking to swim. While it is usually not a nude beach, several people do not hesitate to walk around topless. Located at the southern end of Peloponnese, this spot is definitely worth considering

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Myrtidiotissa is a definite attraction located in Greece. Unfortunately, this beach is difficult to reach by car: many tourists need to park and then walk there for that reason. The beach is blanketed by cliffs, preventing the coastline from getting too hot. It is located in the island of Corfu, and nude swimming is quite common at this beach. This site is known to be highly appealing to the younger crowd, and is said to be the most enjoyable beach in Corfu island.

Erimoupolis is yet another beach that has been recognized as exceptional in Greece. What’s fascinating about this beach is its location. Erimoupolis is found at the northern tip of Eastern Crete and is surrounded by an ancient cemetery. The name Erimoupolis actually represents the “abandoned town” of Itanos, which one must pass through to get to the beach. The increased popularity of this beach makes it highly congested on summer weekends. Much like Myrtos, the beach is predominantly made up of pebbles as opposed to sand. The rocky hills adjacent to the beach also serve as another activity for climbing

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